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Coaching women to live their lives in harmony with purpose, resilience and joy

The 3-Day Workshop

The 8-Week Group Coaching Programme
Parent coaching
Signature Coaching One-on-One Programme

Loving Yourself More

A 3-Day Self-Discovery Workshop to Connect you with your Authentic self

Want to learn how to improve the relationship with yourself?
You will discover more about yourself by understanding:


Some of the foundations of how we think about ourselves

How to increase self-esteem and embrace your worthiness
How to feel restored and renewed
How to release guilt and self-neglect
Your personal values

Being able to love yourself (too) is the foundational gift you get to give yourself for a happier, more satisfied life.

Join our live & interactive self-discovery workshop. Invest in your mental wellbeing, improve self-care, and learn how to make yourself a priority.

8-Week Group Coaching Programme

The From Chaos to Inner Peace (CIPP)

From Chaos to Inner Peace CIPP is an online Therapeutic Group Coaching Programme for women.

Are you coping, not healing?

It’s time to heal. The Strong Woman is the Healed Woman!

Begin the journey of emotional wellbeing healing with other like-minded women within in a safe and supportive community.

Inner calm and confidence begin with healing your emotional wounds and letting go of what no longer serves you to create space for the joy, calm and peace within. Discovering your calling and next step requires reconnecting at a deep level with who you are, your values, and what really makes you light up.

CIPP is an empowering group therapeutic coaching programme for female professionals seeking to improve mental wellbeing, manage stress, and achieve success to lead authentic and joyful lives.

The 8-week Programme would teach you the important steps to –

We would look at–

1. The journey to here
2. Embracing self-worth
3. Mastering emotional wellbeing
4. Setting & maintaining boundaries
5. Achieving life harmony
6. Developing mental strength
7. Honouring your spiritual wellbeing
8. New beginnings: Harmonising your inner calm for growth

The programme is run over 8 sessions. You will be working with other like-minded intelligent, self-actualising, and powerful women. The group size is small so you will be able to create an intimate supportive network with the other women in the group.

We are very much looking forward to accompanying you on your journey towards your inner harmony.


Signature Coaching for Female Leaders

“Are you ready to claim your expansive life, without having to compromise on what truly matters to you?

You can uncover your dreams and begin creating the life you love living that aligns to your heart’s calling using a powerful confidence blueprint that cuts through anxiety, eliminates procrastination and feeling stuck and gets you the results you have been longing for.

If you feel called to step up your life to the next level of success, I invite you to come work with me to design and create the life and career of your dreams.”

The goal:

Together we will focus on increasing your sense of deservingness, so that you can claim your best life using The Confidence Blueprint, without feeling exhausted and too distracted with work or activities to enjoy an aligned, totally fulfilled life.

The Find Your Extraordinary Life programme is a 6-month, high-level, small group immersion programme for successful female leaders who want to expand their lives and careers to create meaningful impact, develop confidence in themselves and their abilities, and step into their calling with joy and purpose.

You know that you need to get all the foundational mindset pieces in place.

You also know that before you pursue your next career opportunity, you really need to connect with your core values and discover what it is you REALLY want first. To uncover your vision of your dream life. How it would look in all aspects. And then get the Action Steps aligned with that, so that you can confidently make it happen. No longer playing small and scared to step out of your comfort zone…feeling not good enough…

Over 6 months, we will work on developing and honing your self-awareness as a leader so that you can finally do away with the inner hurdles that keep you stuck, and map out a pathway unique to you, so that you have clarity and the powerful action steps you need, to bring your career and life into alignment.

Imagine feeling excited about your future, with a strong, clear path to follow. Finally eliminating your self-doubts and fears. And being completely satisfied and fulfilled with the work that you do, knowing that you are making a meaningful contribution using your strengths and talents in a way that aligns with your soul.


Together we will uncover


EXACT steps you need to take to become an impactful, abundant woman

YOUR unique transition path into a new career, avoiding all the beginner mistakes

The power of personalized SUPPORT from me as your personal consultant and the support of other like-minded community of evolving professional women

POWERFUL toolkit of practical tools you can use right away to build a thriving life
Clarity & CONFIDENCE to take the leap towards making a difference in the work that you do

This program will teach you a lot about yourself at the deepest level, so that you know how to get what you truly want. It will help you reveal the power of your soul so that you can create the impact you are yearning for. You will achieve inner alignment for a harmonious work and family life, self-mastery, and will be firmly on your way to achieving the next step in your career.

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